E-Journalistik Laporan Wawancara Majalah SWA

  • Wahyu Gatot Subroto Universitas Mercu Buana
  • Fajar Masya Universitas Mercu Buana


SWA magazine journalists write the results of interviewees still send via E-Mail to the editor. Resulting in a news buildup in e-mail editors and news delays. This study aims to facilitate the editorial in the accuracy, speed and accuracy of the Journalists in writing the results of interviewees to be presented as a SWA magazine news and to get good quality news that SWA magazine provides to readers.This research is quantitative by using SWA magazine case studies and Agile methods to make changes quickly and accurately.The results of the research are written in the journalist no longer experiences delays and the contents of the news are more accurate and sharp because of the editorial stages of SWA magazine. Redaction e-mail quota decreased by 50%


Keywords :  SWA Magazine, Media Business, Redaksi, Reporter’s